Quality Policy


Develop Projects within the framework of a strong connection with the Client, transforming their ideas, needs and desires in intelligent and innovative constructive solutions and, in this way, contribute to a better relationship between society and the surrounding urban environment. Act diligently, optimizing the allocation of Teams to Production Cycles aiming at increases in productivity and adding value to Customers and the Company.




Asserting itself as a company of reference in the field of construction and rehabilitation of buildings in the various Markets in which it operates, cultivating a reputation for excellence, responsibility and rigor.



Customer orientation:
Perform all activities with the purpose of maximizing satisfaction of the Customers.

Efficiency and Responsibility:
Seek the optimization of the resources used, in order to respect the commitments established with Customers in terms of execution deadlines and Specifications.

Ethics and Professionalism:
Acting ethically and professionally as a way to establish relationships of strong trust with all of the Company's “Stakeholders”.

Permanently apply the latest techniques and materials in the activities developed.

Valorization of Human Resources:
Promote the professional, intellectual and personal development of company employees through a permanent commitment to training and a culture of respect mutual.

Quality policy:
The Management System implemented by D’CASA places quality at the top of the Company's priorities, both in terms of materials and techniques used and in terms of services provided.
Through exhaustive and regular monitoring of a series of indicators, the Company seeks to improve continuously its Productive and Organizational Processes, in order to reach new levels of quality and thus fulfill the goals of excellence it sets itself.