D’CASA’s technical staff consists of engineering professionals, with proven experience in the construction sector, in large-scale and well-known projects. These professionals ensure a coordinated work, keeping up all the specifications of the projects and able to overcome any unpredictability.

Our portfolio is wide in what comes to work execution, management, and coordination, both in Portugal and abroad.

D’CASA’s team of engineering professionals, experienced in large-scale projects: in the construction of industrial buildings, office buildings, in the hospitality area and in residential buildings. It guarantees the coordinated management of the work, with total fidelity to the project specifications and the ability to overcome any unpredictability.

Experienced in construction projects for commercial spaces and in the rehabilitation of houses and apartments. Qualified with teams of specialized civil construction technicians, guaranteeing a coordinated work, faithful to the project specifications, able to overcome any unpredictability.

Carpentry production unit with lacquering services for construction, rehabilitation, and joinery. The carpentry production unit is prepared to respond to any request of the projects developed by D’CASA, in any type of work, together with the other departments. Material sophistication, functionality and attention to details are the hallmark of our work.

Our highly skilled technicians combine the tradition of the masters in this area with the most innovative techniques and tools, ensuring functional shapes and refined aesthetics, attention to the details and excellence in the finishes used.